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Windows to Prevent mosquitoes

 Some images for pleated windows for reference

A window screen (additionally known as insect screen, worm display screen, fly display screen, wire mesh) is designed to cowl the hole of a window.

It is mostly a mesh manufactured from metallic wire, fiberglass, or different synthetic fiber and stretched on a frame of wooden or metallic.

It is made for the purpose of preventing or stop entering of Mosquitoes serves to preserve leaves, particles, bugs, birds, and different animals from entering a constructing or a screened structure consisting of a porch, with out blockading clean airflow.

Most houses in Australia, the US and Canada and other components of the arena have displays at the window to prevent entry of flying insects inclusive of mosquitoes, flies and wasps.

We are providing best customer support for Mosquito Windows and Doors.We are providing different type of nets to Windows and Doors.these windows to prevent mosquitos.

We are providing Mosquito Windows in different types like Pleated , Roller , Sleek , Detachable .Even we are providing Doors too.Mostly our aim is to prevent the flying insects/Bugs.


we can easily use this Mosquito Windows for closing purpose and we get air as usual, but prevents mosquitos and insects/bugs.Now a days every one is prefering to use this Mosquito Windows.Which keeps flying pests out and gives a luxurious look to your living environment.

The inner nested cords holding each and every slide enables durability and offers good resistivity during high winds as it is manufactured from desired favored powder coated aluminium profile having the screen material of PP+PE MESH.Colours of Mesh are white and Yellow,black.










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